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Implementing drag and drop in XPages using Dojo

Drag and drop can very useful for users and in case of Notes/Domino there are operations like moving documents to folder or trash which can utilize this technique. In this article I would be implementing drag and drop in XPage using Dojo.

In any drag and drop operation there are two elements – first the element which would be dragged and other are the containers where it would be dropped. Dojo provides dojo.dnd.Source to define element which would be dragged and dojo.dnd.Target as the containers.

Before we start we need to load the Dojo module dojo.dnd.Source and its appropriate style sheet. This can be done with below code: Continue reading


Editing faces-config.xml with content assist in Domino Designer

Many a times while editing faces-config.xml I felt the need of content assist which could provide me with available tags and its attributes to ease development. JSF provides a DTD for faces-config.xml which can be used for this purpose.

Include this DOCTYPE in your faces-config.xml file

< !DOCTYPE faces-config PUBLIC
"-//Sun Microsystems, Inc.//DTD JavaServer Faces Config 1.0//EN"

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Speed up your development using Templates in Domino Designer

Eclipse provides a bevy of features which are available to us via Domino Designer. One of them is Templates. It allows us to insert commonly used code and easily customize them. So in your Java editor when you type while (and no space after that) then hit Ctrl+Space to bring up content assist it shows you sample code to iterate with enumeration, iterator or condition.

while content assist

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