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Using HTML5 Notification API in XPages

HTML5 introduces Web Notifications API which “allows alerting the user outside the context of a web page of an occurrence, such as the delivery of email“. This opens up quite a few possibilities for developers like alerting a user when a document needs approval irrespective of the XPage he is currently on.

In this example I will use the Extension Library control Remote Service to poll a view to check if any documents require approval and if yes then show notification to user.

Remote Service control

The Remote Service control allows calling SSJS code from client side JavaScript code without a full page refresh. Instead the output of the SSJS code is returned asynchronously. Tim Tripcony gave a beautiful explanation here on how this control should be used and its usage scenarios.

You can find the Remote Service control under Continue reading


Using Validation and Vibration API in HTML5

HTML5 provides bevy of features which enable developers to build some really interesting applications. In this example I will build a small HTML5 based validation which will vibrate the mobile device in case of invalid input.

Validation API

Validation in HTML5 is as simple as adding an attribute. Just add the required attribute and you are good to go.

In the above code snippet the text field is required and browser supporting this attribute will not let you submit the form if the field value is empty.

Now we need to check if the user has entered valid value in the field or not. It he hasn’t then we vibrate the mobile device. To check it in JavaScript use the statement input.validity.valid. This returns true in case valid value is entered in the field else returns false. In case its invalid you can then vibrate the mobile device using Vibration API.

Vibration API

This article describes Vibration API and how easy it is to implement.

First you need check if the device supports Vibration API Continue reading