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Give Web Site Rules a Little Help from XPages and Help your SEO

Domino Web Site rules have been around since long before XPages.  The Domino Administrator guide defines Web Site rules as follows:

Web Site rules are documents that help you maintain the organization of a Web site. They have two main uses:

  • Enable the administrator to create a consistent and user-friendly navigation scheme for a Web site, which is independent of the site’s actual physical organization.
  • Allow parts of the site to be relocated or reorganized without breaking existing links or browser bookmarks.

The definition from IBM says that there are “two main reasons”. But if you are familiar with Web Site rules you know that they can also be used to provide connectivity to resources on the file system as well as manipulating the response headers. Those are excellent capabilities and were sorely needed. But in this article we are going to focus on the primary definition provided by IBM and how XPages can provide a little extra help where the Web Site rules begin to conflict and fail.

Web Site Rules Brief Overview

Domino offers four different types of Web Site rules:

  • Substitution Rules
  • Redirection Rules
  • Directory Rules
  • HTTP Response Header Rules

This article will focus on the first two types of rules.   Continue reading


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