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Issue with our website

We seem to be experiencing an issue when viewing our website in Firefox. We are working hard on resolving this issue and will update this blog post with further information as we work on resolving this malware issue.


We have since determined the issue and resolved it. One of the downside to using wordpress is security issues, but on the plus side there are tons of plugins to resolve exactly these kind of issues. Many thanks to Anti-Malware plugin for helping us resolve this issue.


Using JSF Framework Development Standards for your XPages Project (Part Two: Designing Your Application Model for MVC)

In the previous installment of this series we introduced the idea of using standard Java development patterns for implementing your XPages project. The best practice of implementing the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture was described. To recap, the layers of MVC consist of:

Model: These are your Java objects that contain and manipulate the data from the database and implement business rules for managing that data

View: These are your presentation Java objects. Mostly (exceptions aside) these tends to be a one-to-one relationship between an XPage (graphical view) and a related view Bean.

Controller: This middle layer is the JSF API. No code is written here by the developer of JSF applications (including XPages). This is the FacesServlet.

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Using JSF Framework Development Standards for XPages Project (Part One: Rethinking the Approach to XPage Development)

In this multi-part series I am going to explore IBM Notes & Domino XPage development as a traditional Java based web application development framework, instead of the form & document model originally introduced in Lotus Notes. Over the series of articles, I will cover high level concepts, such as the underlying JavaServer Faces technology, and work my way through Java development for XPages with advanced concepts and sample code.

In this first article I am going to explore XPage as a Java web application framework, some core concepts for implementing it with Java, and how it will change the way you design your Domino data (for the better). There won’t be example code or advanced technique discussions for accessing information, this time around. Continue reading


Creating custom renderers for XPages controls

One of the things that really annoys me about XPages is the way it renders controls in read only mode. So if you have a combo box in read only mode it would be displayed in a table like this:


Same goes for check box group and radio group. That’s a lot of code to display just three characters and plus it completely destroys my CSS! This is where I believe custom renderers can be helpful.
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