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We have been helping businesses that are tired of struggling with their IT systems and frustrated with the negative operational impact that comes from systems that are not integrated.

We are a software house specializing in bespoke application development. We are passionate about helping our clients integrate their systems with bespoke software solutions specifically designed for your business needs.

We understand systems and that they should support and enable your business, and we are committed to making that happen for you, so you can concentrate on what you do best; running and growing your company.


As professional Sage developers for Sage Accounts 50 and Sage Payroll, we have helped many small and large businesses with their development requirements including a few McDonald’s franchises and recently PwC US (PricewaterhouseCoopers).

We have also helped businesses like Fast Key Services LTD (fastkeys.co.uk) by offering integration between IBM Notes/Domino and Sage Accounts 50 to automate their order processing application.

As bespoke IBM Notes/Domino and XPages developers for over 10 years, we can tackle your most complex project requirements and use our expertise to deliver a lasting solution in a timely manner.


Pipalia is dedicated to helping you integrate your systems so that they are designed to help you with all your business processes including invoicing, payroll, CRM, email, workflows and much more. Your systems provide you with a great opportunity to develop a competitive edge and we are committed to making that happen for your business.

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Getting a Payday Cash Advance Loan in 1 Hour

Technology has allowed us to benefit from getting a payday cash advance loan in about 1 hour. There are two ways you can go about making this happen if you need money that fast. The first one is to consider one of your local lenders. You will never need an appointment. Instead, you just walk in when it is convenient for you and apply. The wait time will vary based on how much traffic they have that day.

They will get to you as soon as they can, but some locations are very busy. They have lots of people coming in to get a new loan or to pay on a current loan. Be patient and wait your turn as the payoff will be well worth it. Once they get to you, they can help you complete the application, answer any questions you may have, and you can walk out their door with the money you need in your pocket.

The other place you can turn for a payday cash advance loan in 1 hour is the internet. This is your chance to find plenty of lenders that can cater to your need to get the funds in a hurry. These lenders allow you to submit your application at any time that it works for you. It won’t matter if you do it at noon on a Tuesday or at 4 am on a Sunday.

These lenders online start to look at your loan application as soon as you send it to them. They will be able to email you in no time at all to let you know what they can do for you. As long as you meet their requirements – have income, have an ID, and have a bank account, and you are 18+ they should be able to help you out with the money you need.

Most of these 1 hour online lenders won’t require you to fax them any documents. That is part of why they are able to help you in so little time. None of the payday lenders out there will have you consent to a credit check and that is also why they can offer you the money with such amazing speed.

You can spend the next hour stressed out and wondering just what you will do to get the money you need. Perhaps you will make a list of friends and family you can call to borrow some from this person and that person to equal all that you need. The better alternative though would be to apply for a payday cash advance loan.

In an hour from now, you can have that money. Online lenders will put the funds right into your bank account. You can go to the bank to get them or you can use your debit card. You also have the option of writing a check and knowing you will have that money in your account to cover it. If you don’t have a bank account, look for a lender that will send the funds Western Union.

There are tons of perks with a payday cash advance loan, so let it work for you. None of us can control when unexpected expenses take place. What we can do though is have a plan of action in place to get that money in an hour. As a result, you won’t feel blindsided when something comes along to derail your budget. Explore your options now so that when you do need a lender, you know exactly who you will apply with.